Thermo-sealing machines IMPACK series |


The professional heat sealing machines IMPACK series are stainless steel made and they are designed for automatic sealing of various types of products in packages of different material and size. IMPACK series machines are available for working with impulse heating jaws and constantly heating jaws.

Professional heat sealer IMPACK Series allows automatic sealing process by preliminary time setting. The duration of the sealing time is adjustable depending of the type and thickness of the packaging material. The upper sealing jaw is closing manually but it is opening automatically after sealing is finished.

IMPACK Series machine are equipped with a special sealing wire tensioning system for tension of the heated sealing wire, which keep its length at different sealing temperatures and guarantees the good and smooth view of the sealing seam without changing the sealing line.

The Vertical stand IMPACK machine model is equipped with a movable platform, which is adjustable in height, depending on the size and height of the packages and allows packing in different sized packages.

Regarding the specifics of production and the type of packaged products, the machines of the IMPACK series are available in three designs:

  • IMPACK Tabletop sealing machine
  • IMPACK Vertical stand sealing machine with sloping base
  • IMPACK sealing machine with vertical stand

Tabletop heat sealer

Vertical stand heat sealer with Sloping base

Vertical stand heat sealer


Sealing length for Impulse heating jaws

450 / 680 / 1000mm

Sealing length for constantly heating jaws

250 / 350 / 450mm

Sealing width

4, 6, 8, 10, Ø 0,8mm

Sealing time

3÷14   sec


490 – 800W


220V / 50Hz


Stainless steel – INOX- CrNi304


Depends of model


32 / 45 / 56kg

IP protection class

up to IP 65


  • double sealing seam (2S-2х4mm)
  • wider sealing area (6-8-10mm)
  • possible seam repeating at the same place (Plot-O)
  • with film roll holder for easy film unrolling ®
  • foot pedal for free hands operation (FP)
  • Electrical Pedal with pneumatic or electrical motion
  • Surplus liquids collecting container when packaging liquid products
  • Mobile platform on rolls for moving of heavy weight bags
  • Different emboss designs of the sealing seam for constantly heating sealing jaws

NOTE: All Standard IMPACK Series machines are available for additional modifications, according to special customer’s requirements.

Elecs Group Holding is also specialized in production of custom-made machines as a solution for each concrete requirement of our customers. Furthermore, we have a good after-sales service system for long-term supporting of our clients and to help them to solve problems and to improve efficiency of their production process.