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Elecs Group Holding designs and manufactures high quality heat sealing packing machines, suitable for sealing of PE, PP и LDPE packages. The main fields of application of our machines are small and medium companies in food industry and retail. Elecs Group’s heat sealers are installed in many European countries.

We manufacture two main Series of Standard heat sealing machines – MISPACK – with powder coating body and IMPACK – with INOX made construction.

Concerning the production type and packing products, we offer our machines in three designs:
– Tabletop thermo sealer, Sloping stand thermo sealer, Vertical stand thermo sealer.

Both series are available with impulse heating jaws or constantly heating jaws with sealing length: from 250 to 1000mm.  

The constantly heating sealing jaws are available in some different emboss designs of the sealing seam:

  • Flat seam design – suggested for paper consisting packing materials;
  • Big emboss seam design – suggested for thicker foils;
  • Small emboss seam design – suggested when invisible sealing seam is required.

Depending on the specific needs of our customers, we offer various additional options to our standard machines, which we indicate with a letter symbol added to the machine name.

The most common options and their symbols are as follows:

  • EL    – Electrically controlled machine
  • PN   – Pneumatically controlled machine
  • PNF – Pneumatically controlled machine with electrical foot pedal
  • ST    – Machine with Vertical metal stand
  • T      – Machine with constant heat jaws
  • F      – foot pedal with flexible metal core connection
  • P      – vertical standing machine with hard metal connection of foot pedal
  • VAC – optionally adding a vacuum pump for vacuum packing
  • G     – Machine with gas injection system
  • D       – Date printer /mounted on the sealing jaws/

Elecs Group Holding is also specialized in production of custom-made machines as a solution for each concrete requirement of our customers. Furthermore, we have a good after-sales service system for long-term supporting of our clients and to help them to solve problems and to improve efficiency of their production process.