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Special Labels

Booklet labels
Booklet or double label has two self-adhesive labels, placed on top of each other. Booklet labels have double printed area, because they allow printing on the each side of the labels, including the adhesive sides. In this way four times more information can be printed in one label area. The upper label can be repeatedly unglued to read the information between the two label’s layers and then it can be reattached on its place.

Security labels
This type of labels allows to control any improper opening of a package or box. Once the label is fixed on the package, it cannot be unglued without affecting its entirety.

Scratch labels
These labels are usually used for hiding of any additional information as codes, passwords or pictures. They have a special cover layer of silver or gray color, which hides the printed information or image below it. Scratch labels are used in raffles, lotteries and games, and hidden information can be variable and unique for each label.


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