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It closes and seals automatically with a light push on the movable part of the jaw and opens automatically after the set time, which depends on the characteristics of the foil material. The machine is equipped with a linear compensation of the sealing heating element and a linear cutter. The movable jaw is closed by hand.

  • For sealing of PE, PP and LDPE.
  • Suitable for sealing bulk and liquid products in bags.

Warranty term: 12 months

OPTIONS: By request

  • Double seam of the jaws (2R)
  • Wider seam of the jaws: 6-8-10mm
  • electric movement of the jaw with an electric pedal
  • Board with a limit for repetition of the place of the seams (Plot-O)
  • Stand for unfolding of the foil or sleeve
  • Option for a level of protection up to IP 67


Metal constructionINOX (100% stainless steel)
Sealing cycle3÷14   sec
Power490 / 700 / 800 W
Power supply220 V / 50 Hz
CuttingThermal (Kanthal)
Dimensions530/760/1080 x 300 x 210 mm
Weight20 kg
Standard lengths of the thermal seam450/680/1000 mm
Width of the thermal seamØ 0.8 mm
Level of protectionIP 44

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