EL NERA INOX – Elecs Group Holding


The operator packs, and the machine cuts and seals the foil under light pressure of the pad on the heating plate. The machine is designed without a need to adjust the temperature of the sealing heating element and the linear cutter.

  • Thin stretched foil of PVC or
  • Pads (trays) consisting of PS, hPS, PE, PP and other materials.

Warranty term: 12 months

The machine is designed to meet the needs of small and medium food manufacturers who are using manual operations in the packing of their production. The productivity depends on the sizes of the packs and the skills of the operator.


Foil size250-500 mm
Power of heated plate150 W
Power of thermo cutter100 W
Power supply220 V / 50 Hz
Maximum packing size400 mm
Dimensions590 х 700 x 250 mm
Weight8,5 kg
Operating temperature of the thermo cutter100-140оC
Operating temperature of the heated plate90-140оC
ProductivityUp to 6 packs/min

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