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El Nera 500 Stainless Steel

EL NERA 500 machine is designed for packaging with foil of food products in a tray. The foil is manually unrolled by the operator and after wrapping of the tray it is automatically cutted. Then the  operator places the packed tray on a special heating plate of machine, which additionally heats and sticks the foil. The temperature of the thermal plate and the thermal knife is preset by the operator and the machine does not need any additional settings.


  • The machine works with thin, easily stretchable PVC or PE foil.
  • The machine works with trays made by PS, hPS, PE, PP and other materials.


Foil size 250-500 mm
Power of heating plate 150 W
Power of thermo knife 100 W
Voltage 220 V/50 Hz
Maximum packing size 400 mm
 Operating temperature of the heating plate 90-140оC
Operating temperature of the thermo knife 100-140оC
Capacity Up to 6* packages/min
Machine Size 590 х 700 x 250 mm
Weight 8,5 kg

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