• AW-5600FX

    AW-5600FX is very small and compact stretch packing, weighting and labeling machine, that can works even in very small rooms.  AW-5600FX can smoothly pack very delicate products, products on soft pads or without pads. Appropriate for packaging of different products.


    AW-5600FX is designed such as all the operations to be done from the front side of machine, including change of roll of film.
    Easy change of film, step by step;
    Programming of parameters for packing is done through automatic set of the real width, dept and height of the elements;
    Very delicate products can be smoothly packed;
    Vegetables, such as cucumbers, carats, etc. can be packed without pad because an elevator head collect the products from the scale and transport them to the exit.
    Integration of LED to the sealing heater – for easy detection of increase of temperature
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PC based (ОС: Linux);
12,1’ SVGA (800 x 600), sensor panel;
SSD 16 GB, 12 GB programming area, 1 GB memory;

Outside medias: SD card;
Multi-lingual set of the display (up to 5 languages)
“True type” fonts;
Work in net, distanced diagnostic.
Operation: by single touch
Font: True Type
Can choose wide range of size of the font
Label & Article: Can be set – image of the label and image of the article on operator screen.
Translation: Choice of language, as button for country in “Operation mode”
Indicator for remaining labels: for LL type.
Technical parameters
Weight of machine                                         250 kg
Instaled power                                                       1,8 kW.
electricity                                                      220V; 50 Hz.
Max. packaging speed                                     17 packs/min
Length of the pack                                   80-230 mm.
width of the pack                                             80-350 mm.
Height of the pack                                  10 – 130 mm.
thickness of the film                                      12 – 17 µ.
working surface                                                   0,8 м2

Capacity  -                           max. 6/15 kg.           max. 3/6 kg.
Interval  -                                         2/5 g.                  1/2 g.
Min. weight -                                     40 g.                    20 g.
Packing -                                      5 kg.                    3 kg.

Printing unit:
Thermo direct printing unit – width of the print 80mm
Dimensions of die cut label : Width (25 -80mm)/Length (20-105 mm)
Dimensions of not die cut label (LL-type): Width (44 -59mm)/ Length (20-300 mm)


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