• AW-5600АТ

    Completely integrated weighting, stretch wrapping, labeling automatic machines from the series AW-5600, produced by Japanese corporation Teraoka-Seiko CO. Ltd, known on the market with the brand name DIGI. They are PS-based machines for packing of products in PS and other types of trays with stretch film. These machines are appropriate for packaging of vegetables, milk and meat products, semi prepared food and pieces of meat.

    Automatic weighting, packing, printing and application of labels;
    100% stainless body;
    Automatic detection of the tray size;
    Pre-stretch function – by using new technology cab be obtained:
    - work with only one size film for all size packs;
    - automatic detection of the size of tray and stretching of the film to fit the size;
    Machine is feed and serve by only one side;
    Machine covers 2,13 square meter surface;
    Machine can pack with or without pricing on the product. Can do only pricing on already pack product. Can be chosen working mode while the machine is working.
    Works with up to three printers, up to two top and one bottom (depends on the choice);
    Print of advertizing label POP (option).
    Print of bottom label (option)

    For work with not die-cut label “LL” type – linerleass label (option)
    For print of allergens
    For vertical print (90° и 270°)
    For multi-lingual print
    For work with electronic paper price label /fig. 5)
    PDF файл

CS based (ОС: Linux);
12,1’ SVGA (800 x 600), sensor panel;
SSD 16 GB, 12 GB zone for programming, 1 GB memory;
Outside medias: SD card;
Multi-lingual setting of display (up to 5 languages)
“True type” fonts
Work in net, diagnostic at distance.
Operation: by single touch
Font: True Type
Can choose wide range of size of the font
Label & Article: Can be set – image of the label and image of the article on operator screen.
Translation: Choice of language, as button for country in “Operation mode”
Indicator remaining labels: for LL type.
Labeling unit:
300 dpi thermal head with alert function for missing dots – (max. width 80mm);
Multi-lingual print; “True type” fonts
Parameters of the net: Static IP/DHCP; Wireless module (option); Rooter for distant servise;
Protocols for communication: FTP server / customer, SM protocol; Slot for protocols for communication (DIGI protocols); Others – automatic check tome (Time client of  NTP&Time protokol).
Parameters for distant service:
Automatic update of the firmware;
Distant activation of data;
VNC (Virtual Network Computing) graphic system for sharing of working surface;
Wake – on – LAN revival of computer by program message through the net.


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