Self-adhesive labels on roll

Elecs Print offers a full range of logistic and promotional labels with up to 8 colors for machine and manual application.
The labels can be made from different materials- paper, PE, PP, PVC, metallic, transparent, as well as tailored to the specific conditions of use and fuctionality:
Самозалепващи етикети на ролка- For direct contact with food products;
- For gluing and storage at low temperatures ;
- Labels with increased or reduced stickiness, as well as resealable;
- Labels for use on different materials- metal, glass, plastic, wood, textiles, etc. ;
- Labels with increased resistance to external factors and aggressive environments;
- Production of labels suitable for further thermal transfer printing. If necessary, a bench could be printed on to the carrier pad. Elecs Print provides 8 color UV printing with a wide choice of options for producing labels with specific colors, bronze, varnish, cold print. We manufacture double layer labels, where an image or text is printed on the adhesive layer. This type is suitable for application on transparent materials and packaging and allows to add additional information, that cannot fit on the front side.
The printing house has over 1000 instruments with different contours, sizes and configurations, from which you can select the desired form. Upon client request we can deliver a special punch, so we can produce a label with an unique design.
Our company keeps on stock a wide variety of labels without print and gradients of standardized sizes and materials, which you can buy from our E-Shop. Furthermore, at each of our offices we can print the desired information on standardized labels.
We design color-engaging samples that simulate the vision of the real label, before it gets put into production.