Custom labels and tags

Booklet labels

Буклет етикетBooklet labels are two machine-made self-adhesive labels, that have their fronts and adhesive layers printed. Thus, in a space for one label, four times more information can be printed. The top label can be repeatedly scrolled to a certain position and the information between the two labels can be read, after that it can be glued back to its default position.



Security labels

Секюрити етикетиThis type of labels are designed to control possible unlawful opening of a container or a box. Once applied, the label cannot be unglued, without affecting its integrality. That way the customer is sure he/she is receiving the genuine authentic product.



Scratch labels

Скреч етикетиIn this case, a special silver or gray colored special layer is put on the surface of the layer, that hides the printed information or image underneath. Usually those are codes, passwords or images, which can be revealed upon scratching the protective layer , using a hard object, like a coin, for example.

Scratch labels are used in raffles, lotteries and games, whereas the hidden information can vary and be unique to each label.


Magnetic media access control tags

Магнитни билетиElecs Print produces cardboard tags with magnetic media for single use only. Usually those types of tags are used for access and control of stays on parking lots or office buildings, as well as on transportation tickets.