Banderol Labels

This is our own technology. The banderol label is suitable for application on products, the surfaces of which shouldn’t come in contact with the adhesive layer of the label.

Бандеролни етикетиThe banderol is placed on the product together with the support base of the self-adhesive paper and tightly covers the contour of the product, by applying it to the zone of overlap only, achieving functionality, aesthetics of application and optimized cost.

Banderol labels are wound on a roll, which allows preprint, thus eliminating the need for an additional label, bearing variable information about date of production.

By printing only one universal company label, several products are applicated, the name of which gets printed at the exact moment of their production.

When labeling with banderol labels, the glue has no contact with the shell of the product, which is especially important for products with “edible” shell. In sausage products, the unpleasant stickiness from the residual label glue is practically non-existent.

The silicone impregnated base plate of the label serves as barrier when labeling greasy products, which improves their aesthetic appearance.

The banderol labels are made of all self-adhesive materials, that are designed for labels. Different configurations of the label’s contour are possible, as well as full color printing and foil lamination.