Printing House

Printing House “Elecs Print”  was established and developed in tune with the latest trends in the flexo industry. In combination wuth the large-scale national positioning of Elecs Group Holding in technical and commercial terms, Elecs Print Printing Complex meets customer demand for labels, packaging and other printing supplies. The printing complex is equipped with advanced machinery and produces a wide range of:

Self adhesive labels- for labelers, logistical and promotional labels with up to 8 colors;

Our printing house works in coordination with Panflex and Trotech Design Studio for the production of photopolymer plates with the latest equipment, pilot software and specialists, trained in the Czech Republic.

The printing house works with established and certified suppliers:

Development  2014– 2016

A program for investment, technological and product upgrade was started. It consits of two stages- innovations come into effect as of early 2015 and continued total investment upgrade, to be implemented by late 2016.  In that same program, a major purchase of a six color flexographic machine is planned, with the aim of capacity increase and expansion of tech capabilities, such as:

- Printing of film and flexible packaging from composite and barrier materials for minced meat, butter and others.

- Lamination after printing for glossiness and humidity proofness of the paper substrate, protection of the seal against delamination and scratches.

– Printing , punching and stacking of cardboard and non-adhesive labels, PVC etc.

- Screen printing for Braille text and tactile signs for the visually impaired.

New materials:

- Self-adhesive materials with thinner front substrate;
-A larger amount of labels can be winded on a standard diameter roll;
-Savings in transport volume;
- Self-adhesive materials with transparent polyester plate- lower waste charges and fund returns from the purchase of polyester; - Self-adhesive materials with built-in barrier, protecting the glue from moisture and detachment from the product;
- Substrates and adhesives suitable for resealable multi-ply labels;
-Self-adhesive papers and cardboards with ECO and BIO certificates for labeling of certified brands;

The printing house investment upgrade program is developed to respond to the latest packaging and labeling trends. The envisioned parameters and capabilities of the machinery are based on the achievements , shown on the world printing exhibition Labelexpo in Brussels.

Оrganizational priorities and capabilities

- Printing house Elecs Print will continue to work 24/7, 356 days in a year;

- The wide range of high-class label printing machines we have in operation, together with the large amounts of materials we keeo in stock, guarantee the completion of client orders in time;

- The printing house has highly professional teams of operators and technicians with interchangeable qualification, which guarantees continuity and reliability of all processes;

- The preprinting and printing processes are both tested and calibrated for color matching with the artistic design and circulation repeatability;