Double chamber machines


The TITAN series twin-chamber machines are mobile plug-in units. Thanks to the layout with two vacuum chambers, very high packaging outputs are possible. Whilst the packaging cycle is running automatically in one chamber, the second chamber can be re-loaded.

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Characteristics of the sealing types:Vacuum sealing allows safety and clean sealing joint. This is secured thanks to the fact that BOSS machines are equipped with different tighten systems for high pressure, that are specially adapted to respond to material and strength of the bag or the consistency of the product to be packed.  

BOSS guarantees high quality at the end of sealing process.

1. Standard twin sealing:
This system is used at 90% of BOSS vacuum packaging machines. Twin sealing joint secures reliable sealing of the bag.
2. Sealing and cutting:
With this system, the not-needed part of the bag gets cut out. The sealing process is realized by two sealing joints – simplified sealing joint and cutting sealing joint.
3. Top/Bottom sealing:
In this case, the bag is sealed at both sides. This system is used for sealing of very thick vacuum bags or aluminum bags.
4. Separately regulated cutting and sealing:
This system cuts out the not-needed length of the bag. Temperature of sealing and temperature of cutting  (A – B) can be regulated separately. This is important, for example for thermo-shrinkable bags.  This function is applicable only for machines equipped with Z 3000 panel.