Industrial PC-based, new generation manual, weighting, price, labeling systems, using Windows integrated software.

Usage of brand new technologies with the new design of the system secures complete integration with other DIGI systems, two-way messages in format XML, that provides collection of data on the back office server, also on-line programming and monitoring. Colored censor monitor for easy and quick programming and choosing of articles (PLU).

Universal, weight, price and labeling systems can be used in wide area of application and settings, in nearly all ecological environment in food industry – from the established big processing companies to new small producers. Usage of labeling systems, weighing platforms, stands and brackets secures compatibility with the contemporary production lines. They work in mode of normal, fixed and average weight, also in direct sell of products in the commercial network.

They can be installed as manual controlled scales or labeling systems, or even simply as controlled terminals for data collection.


- 1 USB port, 1 Ethernet printer port;
- 1 Ethernet LAN port;
- standard with two additional ports

 Additional options:

-       Choice of labeling printer;

-       Network hub for several labeling units to one terminal;

-       Compatibility with different platform scales, floor and rail scales, as well as other hardware components;

-       Additional exits, including USB port and RS232 exit;

-       Simple integration into existing lines and settings.

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