About us

eleks5a1991 – Elecs Ltd. is established. Starts out with selling marking pliers, labels, spare parts and service forklifts.
Post-1994 – Elecs Ltd. expands its activities:
Buys its first printing press, setups its first showroom, trade and economic directorates emerge.
*Established workshop for 8-color flexo printing, label printing and heat transfer films;
*Administration building and halls for design and prepress built;
*Storehouses built;
*Service rooms expanded.
2000-2003 – A holding emerges, consisting of 6 subsidiaries.
2003 - Elecs Group Holding introduces quality control system in compliance with the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.
Nowadays Elecs Group Holding consists of subsidiaries, which operate in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

 Elecs Group Holding has created, maintained, and will continue to create business relations, aimed at meeting the needs of the market, complying with the requirements and needs of its customers.

We aim:
eleks2a• To maintain highest level of professional competency, wide range of products and impecable service;
• To create new opportunities , taking into account the user demand;
• To protect every trademark we represent, by proving it is a quality standard;
• To be flexible, in order to satisfy each of our clients;
• To maintain and develop the established sales network for maximum customer proximity;
• To always determine the optimal pricing policy;
• To use target marketing for total customer satisfaction and provision of more efficient solutions than our competitors;
• To acquire a strong position on the market and increase sales;
• To preserve the image of the Holding;

Our Responsibility:
To be your reliable business partner and strive for progress, innovation and flexibility!

• Trade with modern products for marking, labeling, weighing, packaging, dosing and filling, spare parts and supplies for them.
• Complex equipment for retail outlets and manufacturing enterprises in the food industry;
• 8-color flexo printing of labels and heat transfer films;
• Service that maintains all offered brands, authorized and trained for work in Bulgaria by our foreign trade partners;