Label scales

header_logoDigi Teraoka scales combine long time traditions with functionality and reliability to meet the requirements of the world market.
Easy integration into the local store net (TCP/IP protocol), leads to high productivity and economy of the consumables.
Маssive metal frame of the scale - for stable metrology characteristics and print quality.
Easy insert of the cassette with roll of labels.
Easy reach to the thermal head secures proper management and long life.
High-tech performance – combination of small dimensions and high reliability.
Рrinter resolution - 8 dot/mm – for printing graphic elements (logo, quality seal, etc.)
High printing speed (150 mm/s) and weighing  -  can reach 20 cycles printing/packaging per minute.
Ten fonts and high density of the print – can do labels with different dimensions and formats.
Economy of consumables of 30-50% - the same information can be printed on a smaller label.
Multi-process architecture - scales can simultaneously weigh, print, receive data by the interface, enter data by keyboard and show information on the display.
Keyboard with digital and sound feedback connection, humidity proof.
Large memory - can store data for 7500 articles (PLU): advertizing notes, tare, etc.
Programmable bar code - widely used by the producers. Printing of total and subtotal labels (series, lot). Password protection of each regime.
Non-stop work - programming and creation of reports in online mode, without stopping the machine work.
Net - Wireless RF IEEE 802.11b for creating wireless local nets (Optional).